Chef's Recommendations



Chicken Chocolate Tikka Masala                                                                                 £7.95


Chicken or Lamb Tikka Masala                                                                                   £6.95   Marinated in the oven cooked in yoghurt cream, ground almonds,

coconut, butter aromatic spice

Raj Murgi Stick                                                                                                                £7.95

Mild dish succulent chicken stick cooked in a delicate sauce

with cream, ground almonds, coconut & butter

Chicken or Lamb Pasanda                                                                                           ​£7.95

Pieces of chicken or lamb cooked in the clay oven with yoghurt,

cream, ground almonds, coconut & butter

Achari Julpa                                                                                                                     ​£8.95

Marinated chicken & lamb cooked in thick sauce with

pickle flavoured

Chicken or Lamb Jalfrezi                                                                                               £7.95

Chicken or lamb cooked in a thick sauce made with variety

of fresh herbs, spice onion & fresh green chillies

Chicken Dhakeshwari                                                                                                   ​£8.95

Chicken marinated in herbs & spice garnished with mango pulp

& ground almonds, very mild & creamy

Tandoori King prawn Masala                                                                                      £11.95

King prawn cooked in butter, ground almonds, fresh cream

& special masala sauce

Balti Chicken or Lamb Dansak                                                                                   £8.95

Cooked with lentils & chef's special sauce fairly hot

Garlic Chilli Chicken                                                                                                   ​    £7.95

Butter Chicken or Lamb                                                                                               £7.95

Tender pieces of chicken or lamb cooked in butter with

light spice and cream sauce

Haweli Special Masala                                                                                                  £8.95

Specially baked boneless chicken tikka, haweli's own

special recipe medium to mild

Koria Chicken or Lamb                                                                                                £7.95

Cooked with, onion, tomatoes & capsicum with mild spice.

King Prawn Malaber                                                                                                    £ 12.95

A popular dish from the Malaber coast. king Prawns cooked with coconut cream,

mild spices in fragrant sauce.   


Murgh Massala                                                                                                             £8.95


Chicken or Lamb Shatkora                                                                                          £7.95   


Mirchwagon Korma                                                                                                     £7.95



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